For the love of chatbots


The Botcasters podcast was born out of love for chatbots and Conversational AI. Because a (chat)bot is more than a piece of software. It is a digital colleague that can help customers. 

Answering questions, handling processes, retrieving relevant information, etc., etc. Because chat- and voice bots can make organizations more scalable. We believe there is an important future for the application and implementation of these technologies. Especially with AI making a grand entrée, we believe that this technology is here to stay and that it is important that knowledge is being shared, without being influenced by tech companies that (understandably) want to push their product. The podcast is fully independent, we decide who we invite. If the guest has relevant knowledge or insights to share with the community, our door is open!
Just so you know, we fund this podcast ourselves!

The idea for this podcast started in 2022. Robin Leenders and Doron Themans, after working together for a number of years on various projects in which chatbots played a major role, decided that an objective source (not funded or sponsored by anyone) was missing in the Dutch market. And the very first podcast about chatbots was born! As a young entrepreneur Robin chose to focus on projects and less on the podcast. He is still active in the background creating content. Doron is still hosting every episode with a lot of dedication and joy.

After a short while we received requests to do the podcast in English, since a wider audience than the Dutch audience was interested. That was a big and pleasant surprise. We are grateful for the success and even more grateful for the guests of our podcast for sharing their knowledge with the community. Especially while our guests don’t get paid for being a guest on the show.

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Robin Leenders & Doron Themans


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